Joe Carrozzo

I’m interested in people, the ways they interact, especially the darker, more humorous or what might be characterized as socially unacceptable behavior.  Drawn to “low-brow”, uncultivated, unintellectual sides of life I and have a snarky fascination with the stupid choices people make and unpredictable circumstances they find themselves in. I'm charmed by the absurd, campy, and perverse parts of life and want to know what’s happening behind the "curtain", the backstory, what's not intended to be seen.
My work references the anxiety, and uncertainty of now in which fiction is more relevant than truth. Where truth has become a condition to be managed, controlled, and transformed into evolving stories masquerading as unadulterated facts. Under these conditions one never knows where solid ground lies; there is no bedrock of assurance to depend on.

The work is oil on canvas, mostly small in size and generally done quickly with little concern for accurate rendering, mostly in thick, chunky paint.